Sentinels of the Night by Anita Dickason

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Sentinel of the night

Publisher: Mystic Circle Books

Publication date: March 12,2017


Sentinels of the Night by Anita Dickason Author 

“Excerpt from Main Character Police Chief Kevin Hunter”

Plot Background

Sentinels of the Night is the debut novel for a new FBI team, code name-Trackers. Each agent has a unique gift they have hidden from their fellow agents until Scott Fleming, head of the new team, starts digging into their past cases. His first choice is Cat Morgan who has an uncanny ability to find bodies. She always managed to find an explanation to stave off questions from her co-workers, that is until she encounters Police Chief Kevin Hunter. On the way to her new assignment, she finds a body when she makes an unscheduled stop in Clinton, Mississippi. Hunter is not buying her dubious explanations.


He stopped in front of her, hands on his hips. A cold, hard gaze raked her from head to toe. “You’re Agent Morgan?” he asked, his deep voice contemptuous.

Even with the extra inches from her boots, he towered over her. Instinctively, she lifted her chin and glared. “Yes, and you are?”

“Police Chief Kevin Hunter. Why are you in Clinton?” He didn’t offer to shake hands.

“Just passing through, and stopped for the night.”

“Explain to me just how you found the body.”

“No offense here, Chief Hunter, but I did provide a statement to one of your detectives.”

“Agent Morgan … I want to hear it from you. Unless there is a reason, you don’t want to repeat it!” The words erupted with the precision of a rifle shot.

Let’s not piss off the natives. Be agreeable. Cat smiled, and then replied, “I’ll help any way I can.” Once again, she went through the series of events.

Like Detective Mueller, the police chief’s incredulity was unmistakable and far less tactful. He looked over his shoulder at the dumpster, then turned to her. “You want me to believe … that you crawled up the side of a dumpster and snooped through stinking trash—just because you … heard noises?”

“That’s right,” Cat said. Oh, boy. Here comes the same question Scott asked.

“What were these sounds?”

“Hmm … I’m not sure. It may have been raccoons.”

“Raccoons! You saw raccoons?”

“No. I actually didn’t. I probably scared them away.”

For a few seconds, the murmur of voices from the personnel at the dumpster were the only sounds.

Hunter stared at her, the cold had turned hot—his eyes blazed with anger. “How did you know it was a woman?”


“You told Officer Harris and Detective Mueller it was a woman. To be more precise, a young—woman. How did you know when the body was buried in the trash?”

Stunned, Cat realized she’d made a huge mistake.

End of Excerpt:

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Author Anita Dickason

Anita is a retired Dallas police officer and served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, Dallas SWAT team/sniper, and advanced accident investigator. Her fictional works are suspense/thrillers. Characters with unexpected skills, that extra edge for overcoming danger and adversity, have always intrigued her. Adding an infatuation with ancient myths and legends of Native American Indians, and Scottish and Irish folklore creates the backdrop for her characters.

Her debut fictional novel, Sentinels of the Night sets up an elite team of FBI agents, Code Name—Trackers. Each has an extra edge, an ability that defies reason or logic. Going Gone! is the second in the Tracker novels.

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