Book Review Requests

For authors/agents/publicists:

LaFifeReviews is accepting book review requests from authors who write in the romance genre and sub-genres of romance. Non-Fiction and literary fiction will not be accepted.

Submitting a request: Send your requests to with the appropriate subject title. i.e. For book reviews put book reviews in the subject line. In the body of the email provide a detailed synopsis of the book. If your book is a good fit for LaFifeReviews, your book will be requested.

I accept e-galleys on NetGalley, PDF, epub, Google docs and physical ARC. Digital e-books are preferred.



If LaFifeReviews accepts your request to review your book, it does not mean it will automatically be posted on the blog. Books that are rated 4 stars and above are posted on the blog. If after reading the book it is determined to be under 4 stars, the review will be emailed to the author/publicists. LaFifeReviews understands the sweat and tears that go into the publishing process; honest and constructive reviews will be emailed to the author/publicist if the galley is filled with too many errors.

Reviews are also posted on GoodReads and Amazon.

LaFifeReviews also promotes books in the form of book giveaways, author interviews etc.


If your request is not accepted, it does not mean that LaFifeReviews thinks the book is not good. It just means the book is not a good fit for the blog. To get an idea of the kind of books LaFifeReviews is accepting, reading old reviews on the site will be very helpful.

Thank you for your interest in LaFifeReviews.

Happy Reading!