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LaFifeReview:Nobody’s Goddess

This book reminds me why I love romance, I think romance writers today gets lost in lust and power. This book reminds me that love exists and it doesn’t always show with kisses and intimate gestures. Love is in forgiveness, in knowing that to hurt the one you love would be to hurt yourself.


This book is set in a town where men and boys wear masks to protect them from the eyes of women that don’t love them. A curse was placed on every man to love one woman and to treat her as his one and only goddess. Only when her love is returned would he be free to walk around unmasked.

Amy McNulty’s Nobody’s Goddess held me captive until the very last page. The author’s world building techniques were brilliantly showcased in every chapter. Nobody’s Goddess showed a world where neither man and woman could live peacefully without having authority imposed on the other. This book shows in a fantastical way the struggles men and women face today especially when dealing with matters of love and intimacy.

I was confused, angry and sad and for a book to evoke those emotions from me and still kept me hostage I was truly in awe. The reader was not given the entire story in the beginning. The magical breadcrumbs that were placed on the page to help guide the reader to the essence and the meaning of the story was masterful and it shows a great writer who pays attention to craft without jeopardizing creativity.

Every scene had meaning and I felt as if the world was real to me, the relationships between each character was real to me. I felt her anger, her indifference towards her obligation as a goddess to receive her man. I also felt her love, her love for her best friend and for her mother. This book was thought-provoking, fast paced, bold and interesting. If you appreciate fantasy and real love, this book is everything you have been waiting for.

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This review based on my honest opinion after reading the book. I received a free copy from NetGalley and I was not obligated to give a review.



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