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Review: The Sculptor


A friend gave me a copy of this book to read and I knew right away that it would be my new beginning on this site. This is the first graphic novel that I’ve read and if all graphic novels are like this I would read them all.

The Sculptor is the story of David Smith young sculptor who entered a deal with death to bring his art to life, the only catch is he will only have 200 days to live. Readers get an intimate glimpse into David’s life, his great and not so great experiences and we see how it shapes him as a person.

When I opened this book, I found it hard to put it down. Even though it started with few words on the page the pictures were powerful and it told the beginning of the story just as effectively as words on a page would. The character development was expertly showcased, Mr Mc Cloud managed to create more than one complex character without taking the focus away from the plot.

The Sculptor is a real story about a young man who felt he had nothing more to offer the world, he felt alone and he was bitter. He was left with a gift that went unnoticed and memories of loved ones; ghosts of failures and disappointments haunted him. This book was suspense filled and it unpacked a lot of lessons in a well crafted package.

Themes such as love, loneliness, failure,expectations we place on ourselves and the expectations others have for us was some of the topics that was explored. After reading this work of art it left me inspired.

I provided a link below for anyone interested in reading this book. It is available for purchase at Amazon. My opinion of this book is my own original and honest review, I was not paid by a publisher to give favorable reviews.









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