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Review: The Highlander’s Bargain (A Novel of Loch Moigh)


The Highlanders Bargain is the 2nd book in the novels of Loch Moigh series by Barbara Longley. Before reading this post I urge you to read the post before True to the Highlander. Even though this book can be read as a standalone, I strongly recommend you read the first book to get intimately acquainted with all the characters.

The Highlanders Bargain picks up where True to the Highlander left off. Readers get an intimate glimpse into the life of past characters; Malcolm of clan MacKintosh with his lovely wife True of clan MacKintosh has settled into their life nicely.

Robley of clan MacKintosh is Malcolm’s adventurous younger cousin who after learning of Lady True’s secret decides to embark on a journey to the future to find a bride.What he gets in return is more than he could manage. Erin Durie is a surgical nurse and a few classes away from being a midwife, when a mysterious man falls out of thin air into her arms, at first she is scared but then relieved. Could this man be the answer to her new-found problems? Putting aside her skepticism Erin helps Robley and they go on a journey of true love, understanding and learning to trust. Rob helps Erin move past her trust issues that stemmed from her mother’s past mistakes. Together they showed us the true meaning of responsibility and love really does conquer all.

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Ms Longley gave her readers a vivid and refreshing description of  fifteenth century Scotland. The novel moved at a smooth pace and  there was never a dull moment. The character development in this book was well done. Ms. Longley eloquently gave  readers a bird’s eye view of life in Loch Moigh and life in the twenty-first century without taking away from the story. Her knowledge of the customs in fifteenth century Scotland added great value. After reading the second book in the Loch Moigh series I felt as if I adopted a second language with all the Gaelic words I picked up.

If you’re on vacation and you want to lose yourself in a good book the Highlanders Bargain is the perfect book to pick up. Below I have included links to help you obtain a copy. This review is an honest review. I am not writing on behalf of any publication and I was not paid to write this.




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