Series Sundays

I love reading a good romantic book series, standalone books are great but I always want more from an author who  produced a good book. A series give the author more space to develop an idea. Today I want to focus on one book series that I think all book series readers should read. When I read this book series the only question I had was, why is it over?

Today I want to focus on an author that goes by the name of J.T Geissinger and her Night Prowler series.

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I came across Shadow’s Edge through Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is book subscription service offered by Amazon, where subscribers can pay $9.99 can get to read from a selection of over a million books. Each Kindle Unlimited subscriber can borrow ten books at a time.

At the time I was skeptical about reading this book, I was generally a romance and fantasy reader but I have always liked both genres separate. I found that good fantasy books was better when the author focused on the magic of the characters and not the romance and romantic novels was good when the author focused on the romance and not the magic of the characters. The Night Prowler series brilliantly, carefully crafted works of fiction that perfectly created a balance between romance and fantasy fiction.

As a reader of many books the one issue I usually have with some books are the lack of originality. When one author find success with an idea, it becomes “the go to” idea for  many authors. As  an avid reader, one or two renditions of an idea is fine but any more and I lose interest in a story. Sometimes I start and not finish a book not because the author did not write and produce a well written book but more because I was tired of the idea.

Shadow’s Edge takes us into a world of shape-shifters called Ikati. I know what you’re saying that shape-shifting is not an original idea and I would agree with you but the author J. T Geissinger was able to suck me into a world that had me wondering in the end was this real. The books was well researched and it used reality to make the fiction more believable. The books allowed the reader to live as Ikati to understand their customs; it explained what it felt like being in the skin of an Ikati. I experienced the world through their eyes and through the eyes of those around them.

This summer if you have a holiday or a weekend away from work and responsibilities I recommend that you read the Night Prowler series by J.T Geissinger. You will fall in love with the beautiful creature called Ikati and you will be surprised at every turn. You will be sucked in book one and before you blink you’ll be reading the last.

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Thank you for reading