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Sandra Owens: Lost in her (review)

Before I get into my review I want to note that although Lost in her is a stand-alone novel, looking at the previous K2 Team novels enhances the experience. I highly recommend it, below is a list of all previous K2 Team novels.

crazy-for-her-cover-1      Best SOMEONE LIKE HER by Sandra Owens   Falling for her



lost in her

Ryan O Connor is a retired Seal Medic trying to heal from his wife’s betrayal and her abrupt death. Charlene “Charli” Morgan is sexy pilot instructor trying to escape her past by taking to the skies in her planes. This unlikely pair finds each other and they both teach each other to truly move on from their hurt and take a chance on real love.

I have read all of the previous K2 Team novels so that gives me a clear view of the story and each character. This book can be read as a standalone but reading the other books gives readers an intimate look in the previous characters and that adds value to the story.

If I had to describe this book in a sentence I would say; Lost in her is a fast paced, suspense filled, action packed love story. Ms Owens carefully crafted each character and it shows in the story. Her characters are imperfect and real; its real people dealing with real problems.

As a sucker for love and a lover of all contemporary and erotic romance novels, I hate reading predictable romance novel with the same recipe. Wealthy jealous and sexually promiscuous man seduces pure and helpless heroine and he solves all her problems. If you are looking for a book like that, this is not the  book for you. Lost in her is a tale of two people whose been let down by the people who they hold most dearly; they save each other, they learn about each other and the hope of a better future suddenly becomes a viable option.

Lost in her was an enjoyable read, I would recommend this to all lovers of romance novels. The scenes were descriptive and the book gives readers a clear picture of the surroundings and it made reading all the more enjoyable.

I have included links to Lost in her below.

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  1. Great review. If I wasn’t already hooked on this series, you would have induced me to buy it.


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