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Back to Business: Savage Urges by Suzanne Wright


Due to the demands of school, I was forced to take some time off to get things in order. Now I am back and stronger than ever. I want to get into a book I read recently. I am Suzanne Wright fan I am a follower of The Phoenix and Mercury Pack series. I have been waiting for this book and on May 3rd I downloaded it on my kindle and was sweep back into the world of the Phoenix Pack.


Savage urges

Savage Urges follows Makenna Wray a lone wolf shifter and Ryan Conner an Enforcer from the Phoenix Pack. Two emotionally damaged wolf- shifters find love and after years of emotional distance they learn that everyone’s happily ever after is different.

For fantasy romance lovers I suggest you read the first book from the Phoenix Pack series Feral Sins.

feral sinsEven though the book was written in a way that new readers who don’t follow the series would understand. To truly appreciate this book, it would be good to get a glimpse at past characters because they make small appearances in the book.

Savage Urges like every other Suzanne Wrights creations did not disappoint, the characters were  expertly crafted and developed allowing the readers to fully engage in the lives of each of the main characters. As an avid reader I can only connect with a character I feel like I know and in Savage Urges Ms. Wright gives you enough information about each character without taking away from the story. Savage Urges is not your typical hearts and flowers romance, it is a raw and sensual telling of two loners who shows love not with words but with actions. They are protective of the ones they care about, loyal and their passion comes across in their bodies while they try to possess the other.

The pace of the book was also great, Ms. Wright knew when to savor the moment and she craftily showed suspense, action and drama in this considerately paced book. My only con in this book would be that some scenes had me rolling my eyes at some of the corny love lines each character traded but those eye-rolling moments helps me accept that the characters find love. We all know of a couple who share their own corny inside jokes. It was a great read and I would definitely recommend it.

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Savage Urges (Paperback)

Savage Urges (Kindle version)