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That thing Between Eli and Gwen

eli and gwen

How would you feel if your fiancé brought you as date to a wedding of someone else and then ran off with the bride? Leaving you confused and hurt. This was the reality for Guinevere “Gwen” Poe, she was left to pick up the pieces with Dr. Eli Davenport the groom of the bride after their prospectives ran off together. As a hopeless romantic who’ve stopped watching shows for unhappy endings, it was hard for me to read this at first. I was rewarded after reading this book; this book was compelling, fun, romantic and hard to put down.

That thing between Eli and Gwen is a book about two people whose misfortune in love guided them to find true love. J. J McAvoy addresses several complex themes in this book, betrayal, moving on, finding love after betrayal and the list goes on. The characters were real people, Eli was a neurosurgeon who wanted to save everyone and Gwen was an artist who wanted a fulfilled life, pursuing her passion in art. I did not think it was possible for two people to come together after such a tragic beginning to develop a great friendship, which later turns to love. Two polar opposites find a common ground and develops a genuine understanding of each other. The pacing of the book was graceful, J.J McAvoy eloquently guides us through all the stages of grief in this well written romance.

I fell in love with the characters I was angry for them, I laughed and cried with them. J.J McAvoy made this story come to life on my tablet, it felt real. This book for funny, romantic and surprising. After reading countless books I am usually able to tell when the book’s conflict has arrived. Books usually have mini conflicts that build tension to lead to the main event. Just when I thought that maybe the biggest issue was in the beginning this book, the author swoops in at the last moment and leaves me astonished. This was a great read and it is truly a unique book, never had I read an author who not only explored hard themes but was able to keep me engaged while giving me a real ending.

That thing between Eli and Gwen is set to be published on April 21st 2016. I have a link below for those of you who enjoyed my review and would like to read the book.




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