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Dragons Among Them

I came across this book on a site that I love called NetGalley , where readers can get an advance digital copy of a book before its published. Authors get honest feedback about their book before publishing. As always I would like to say I am not reviewing this book on behalf of any publishing group or company. I was not compensated for this review; this is my honest review of a free book I received.

Dragons among them by Kyra Jacobs starts off in the voice of the protagonist Adelaide Miller a budding photographer from the US who is on a trip in England for a career making photo- shoot and to escape her troubled childhood. She is on a quest of rebirth and she stumbles into a time warp where men can turn into dragons, witches and wizards are real and all people can hope for is to survive the day.

The action starts right away, one moment you are in the head of Adelaide and a split second later the reader is whisked into the medieval world of two warring kingdoms Edana and Forath. Ms. Jacobs has a gift for description, I never had a fictional romance take me on a journey into a world I never knew existed in such a quick and masterful way. The author gave little information but yet I felt Adelaide’s fears and I was emotionally invested from start to finish.

The plot was a smooth web of fictional greatness, the author trusted the readers with pieces to the puzzle that is Edana and Forath. This story although travelled back in time,is  a great example of the human condition, no matter how many technological advances we have in the modern world, things aren’t that different from the past. Adelaide was from a different time and even a different country, yet she encountered modern-like problems disguised in medieval times.

The only problem I had with the book was I felt as though the end came together too easily, based on the conflict, it should have been more difficult. The author should have planted a little more evidence in the beginning to seal the deal.  In conclusion this book was a suspense-filled, action-packed romance that transcends time. I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to other books from this author.

dragrons among them

Dragons among us is set to be published on April 29th 2016. I have included a link below for anyone interested in buying or pre-ordering the Dragons Among Them.