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The Importance of an honest book review

The publishing industry has drastically changed, there are more avenues for anyone with an idea to write a book. This is bittersweet; now more talented writers can come out in the light to gain the writer’s dream, but on the other-hand readers have to sift through a slush pile of incomplete ideas and grammatical errors to find a hidden gem. An honest review is the most important thing to every author indie or commercial and here’s why.

Whether you are an independent author or backed by a major or small publishing house, getting your book in front of readers is still a hard task. Writers and publishing professionals have dabbled with creative ideas to give their book a competitive edge to make it in reader’s laps. Book signings, digital book tours, book trailers etc.; in my opinion the book review is the most important to a writer, to his/her craft and to ensure he is putting out the best work in the publishing universe.

I know what you must think, Yes! Yes! There are countless companies that emerged to profit from eager avid reader’s naiveté, to coax them into buying books. Now writers can purchase positive reviews for their books to improve sales. This however is very damaging to the publishing industry; I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to buy a product or a book that acquired a lot of favorable reviews to later find out I was bamboozled.

An honest review

  • Improves the writer’s ability.
  • No one is perfect and receiving constructive criticism from your readers can help you improve on your delivery. After all you are writing for them.
  • Increase reader’s loyalty


Would you continue to support someone who you caught trying to trick you? As soon as a reader notices that your product is not up to par with what was described in these reviews, what do you think happens next. Say goodbye to future sequels.

  • Gives you helpful feedback

Let’s say for argument sake, you are a fantastic writer, buying fake reviews can ruin your good work. Book reviewers read your books and when they spot errors they confide you, giving you the opportunity to correct errors that you or your editor may have missed.

As an avid reader, an honest review can mean the difference between you being my newest champion or another author I would never read about again. It may sound harsh, but in reality sometimes we are only afforded one chance.

Thank you again for reading this post. Until next time