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Playing it Safe



Spring is the air and so is love. Nothing says spring like a hot romance. This is a review of playing it safe by Barbie Bohrman. Before I start this review, I want to say that I was not paid to write this review and I am not writing this on behalf of any publishing house. I came across this book on Amazon and based on the photo I thought it was going to be one of those cliche vanilla romances but I was surprised. This book is a hidden treasure and I really enjoyed this it. In this sequel to Promise me,in Playing it safe we meet some familiar faces, Sabrina and Tyler.(refer to the book review Promise me)

Playing it safe is a feel good romantic comedy, it stars a romance that stirs between Julia Boyd an event planner and one of her top clients Alex Holt a gallery owner.  I am omitting information crucial to this review to avoid any spoilers. I believe the best reviews highlights important parts of the book, without revealing specifics. In order to enjoy this heart warming romance written by Barbie Bohrman, you need to read the first book Promise me.

Playing it safe features the story of a regular woman finding true love in an unexpected manner.  Bohrman eloquently addresses issues we face in everyday life; this story was not far-fetched even though it was fiction. It was fast paced, thought provoking and easy to read. The writer did not try to tell me how to feel in this book, she gave me real characters in real complicated situations and gave me enough trust to discover truths within the book. I was really impressed with the character development in this book. I am always impressed when a writer can incorporate characters from a previous book without overshadowing the current characters. Ms. Bohrman did this exquisitely and tastefully.

Playing it safe is a story of a regular working woman, not looking for love but finding it. Julia found courage despite her past of heartbreak, to love. If you have Kindle Unlimited (a paid subscription where you can read books for free) you can read playing it safe for free.

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