What to expect from a Lafifereview?

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  • No negative reviews posted on this site (It takes bravery mixed with persistence and hard work to write a book) If I have constructive criticism I will email the author privately, hopefully it helps.


  • I only read stories with a romantic element to it, for instance erotic, contemporary, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy etc. Almost all genres except dark romance with disturbing themes and horror.


  • Minimal spoilers- I will tastefully reveal things about the book, only in instances to illustrate a point. Why should you want to read a book after I summarized it? It isn’t fair to the reader or the author.


  • At least one review every week- I will alternate every month on the day I will post.


  • Honest reviews- All reviews are my honest opinions, I am not compensated to give a favorable review. (I find false reviews very irritating. How is one supposed to find a good book when others spread lies for profit?)



Fun Facts

  • I welcome book reviews from other writers (my contact information is on the contact page)
  • I welcome constructive criticism (How am I to improve without it?)
  • I am open to post on other blogs (my contact information is on the contact page)

I am just an avid romance reader, looking to share my love of books. I hope you find my reviews helpful and thank you for stopping by.



Until next time