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Review: Promise me


Promise me 2

I came across this book by accident, I had just enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (a service by Amazon where you can read free books with a monthly subscription). I never heard of the author before so I decided to give it a try. The book is about a girl named Sabrina who found out her boyfriend and best friend had betrayed her in her senior year of high school. The book illustrated how she dealt with it and how a misunderstood bad boy made a difference in her life. This book sucked me in the instant I read it, Ms. Bohrman has a knack for description. I was no longer reading a book about Sabrina I was pulled into her surroundings, I felt what she felt and I started to care about all the things that were important to her.

This was not an ordinary contemporary romance novel, the book showcased themes that were deep and thoughtful. Promise me explored betrayal, insecurities, stereotypes and forgiveness. I must admit there was some eye-rolling moments, but in general it was a good read. When reading a book I ask myself did the author make me:

  • Interested (Do I care about the protagonist’s problem?)
  • Emotional ( Is the story manipulating my emotions? i.e Am I sad when bad things happen or angry when a betrayal occurs)

Unlike any other romance novel I’ve read, this book really surprised me. It helped me believe that love really does conquer all. The character development was very strong in this book, Sabrina’s actions showed who she was, I knew her as I was reading. Sabrina became a real person, even though some details in the story seemed a little far-fetched, I enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it to lovers of romance.