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Dragons Among Them

I came across this book on a site that I love called NetGalley , where readers can get an advance digital copy of a book before its published. Authors get honest feedback about their book before publishing. As always I would like to say I am not reviewing this book on behalf of any publishing group or company. I was not compensated for this review; this is my honest review of a free book I received.

Dragons among them by Kyra Jacobs starts off in the voice of the protagonist Adelaide Miller a budding photographer from the US who is on a trip in England for a career making photo- shoot and to escape her troubled childhood. She is on a quest of rebirth and she stumbles into a time warp where men can turn into dragons, witches and wizards are real and all people can hope for is to survive the day.

The action starts right away, one moment you are in the head of Adelaide and a split second later the reader is whisked into the medieval world of two warring kingdoms Edana and Forath. Ms. Jacobs has a gift for description, I never had a fictional romance take me on a journey into a world I never knew existed in such a quick and masterful way. The author gave little information but yet I felt Adelaide’s fears and I was emotionally invested from start to finish.

The plot was a smooth web of fictional greatness, the author trusted the readers with pieces to the puzzle that is Edana and Forath. This story although travelled back in time,is  a great example of the human condition, no matter how many technological advances we have in the modern world, things aren’t that different from the past. Adelaide was from a different time and even a different country, yet she encountered modern-like problems disguised in medieval times.

The only problem I had with the book was I felt as though the end came together too easily, based on the conflict, it should have been more difficult. The author should have planted a little more evidence in the beginning to seal the deal.  In conclusion this book was a suspense-filled, action-packed romance that transcends time. I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to other books from this author.

dragrons among them

Dragons among us is set to be published on April 29th 2016. I have included a link below for anyone interested in buying or pre-ordering the Dragons Among Them.






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The Importance of an honest book review

The publishing industry has drastically changed, there are more avenues for anyone with an idea to write a book. This is bittersweet; now more talented writers can come out in the light to gain the writer’s dream, but on the other-hand readers have to sift through a slush pile of incomplete ideas and grammatical errors to find a hidden gem. An honest review is the most important thing to every author indie or commercial and here’s why.

Whether you are an independent author or backed by a major or small publishing house, getting your book in front of readers is still a hard task. Writers and publishing professionals have dabbled with creative ideas to give their book a competitive edge to make it in reader’s laps. Book signings, digital book tours, book trailers etc.; in my opinion the book review is the most important to a writer, to his/her craft and to ensure he is putting out the best work in the publishing universe.

I know what you must think, Yes! Yes! There are countless companies that emerged to profit from eager avid reader’s naiveté, to coax them into buying books. Now writers can purchase positive reviews for their books to improve sales. This however is very damaging to the publishing industry; I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to buy a product or a book that acquired a lot of favorable reviews to later find out I was bamboozled.

An honest review

  • Improves the writer’s ability.
  • No one is perfect and receiving constructive criticism from your readers can help you improve on your delivery. After all you are writing for them.
  • Increase reader’s loyalty


Would you continue to support someone who you caught trying to trick you? As soon as a reader notices that your product is not up to par with what was described in these reviews, what do you think happens next. Say goodbye to future sequels.

  • Gives you helpful feedback

Let’s say for argument sake, you are a fantastic writer, buying fake reviews can ruin your good work. Book reviewers read your books and when they spot errors they confide you, giving you the opportunity to correct errors that you or your editor may have missed.

As an avid reader, an honest review can mean the difference between you being my newest champion or another author I would never read about again. It may sound harsh, but in reality sometimes we are only afforded one chance.

Thank you again for reading this post. Until next time




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Playing it Safe



Spring is the air and so is love. Nothing says spring like a hot romance. This is a review of playing it safe by Barbie Bohrman. Before I start this review, I want to say that I was not paid to write this review and I am not writing this on behalf of any publishing house. I came across this book on Amazon and based on the photo I thought it was going to be one of those cliche vanilla romances but I was surprised. This book is a hidden treasure and I really enjoyed this it. In this sequel to Promise me,in Playing it safe we meet some familiar faces, Sabrina and Tyler.(refer to the book review Promise me)

Playing it safe is a feel good romantic comedy, it stars a romance that stirs between Julia Boyd an event planner and one of her top clients Alex Holt a gallery owner.  I am omitting information crucial to this review to avoid any spoilers. I believe the best reviews highlights important parts of the book, without revealing specifics. In order to enjoy this heart warming romance written by Barbie Bohrman, you need to read the first book Promise me.

Playing it safe features the story of a regular woman finding true love in an unexpected manner.  Bohrman eloquently addresses issues we face in everyday life; this story was not far-fetched even though it was fiction. It was fast paced, thought provoking and easy to read. The writer did not try to tell me how to feel in this book, she gave me real characters in real complicated situations and gave me enough trust to discover truths within the book. I was really impressed with the character development in this book. I am always impressed when a writer can incorporate characters from a previous book without overshadowing the current characters. Ms. Bohrman did this exquisitely and tastefully.

Playing it safe is a story of a regular working woman, not looking for love but finding it. Julia found courage despite her past of heartbreak, to love. If you have Kindle Unlimited (a paid subscription where you can read books for free) you can read playing it safe for free.

Playing safe can be found on the links below



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Review: F*THS(Friends that have sex)

I want to start off by saying, this is my honest review. I was not compensated to give a favorable review. I got an advanced readers copy of this book from NetGalley.

Name of book: F*THS(Friends that have sex)

Author: G.L Thomas

The beginning of this book was a little bumpy for me. The writers had a little trouble with each characters voice for example “When Asher’s point of view began, I got a sense of who he was by his demeanor and his language preference, then  Teddy met Asher in Asher’spoint of view, she did not sound like her unique self. This error is not continued in the story,the pace picks up and each character’s identity is illustrated perfectly in the book.

This book had

  • Credibility- The description in this book was perfectly executed, I got a clear description of each character, and the dilemma felt real.
  • A quick pace-There was never a dull moment, even when there was no action the book gave information that was relevant to the story-line.

F*THS was an unconventional love story between Teddy a wealthy attractive but ill young woman,Reggie a undecided shallow guy and Asher a laid back, tattoo wearing skater boy who also happens to be Reggie’s friend. This book touched  on lust at first sight and it gives you an inside view of what it means to be friends with benefits along with it’s complications.At the end of this book, my reaction is when is the second book coming out and the first one was not even published yet. The book ends with a cliffhanger,  I felt the author left too many questions unanswered. In closing I would like to say I enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the second book in this series.


Friends that have sex will be published on April 1st, 2016 on Amazon. Those who participate in the Kindle Unlimited program( a subscription based book lending program by Amazon, where one can read digital books) can read it for free. If you have not signed up for this service, you can preorder on the links below.

Digital :F*THS


Book reviews

Review: Promise me


Promise me 2

I came across this book by accident, I had just enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (a service by Amazon where you can read free books with a monthly subscription). I never heard of the author before so I decided to give it a try. The book is about a girl named Sabrina who found out her boyfriend and best friend had betrayed her in her senior year of high school. The book illustrated how she dealt with it and how a misunderstood bad boy made a difference in her life. This book sucked me in the instant I read it, Ms. Bohrman has a knack for description. I was no longer reading a book about Sabrina I was pulled into her surroundings, I felt what she felt and I started to care about all the things that were important to her.

This was not an ordinary contemporary romance novel, the book showcased themes that were deep and thoughtful. Promise me explored betrayal, insecurities, stereotypes and forgiveness. I must admit there was some eye-rolling moments, but in general it was a good read. When reading a book I ask myself did the author make me:

  • Interested (Do I care about the protagonist’s problem?)
  • Emotional ( Is the story manipulating my emotions? i.e Am I sad when bad things happen or angry when a betrayal occurs)

Unlike any other romance novel I’ve read, this book really surprised me. It helped me believe that love really does conquer all. The character development was very strong in this book, Sabrina’s actions showed who she was, I knew her as I was reading. Sabrina became a real person, even though some details in the story seemed a little far-fetched, I enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it to lovers of romance.



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  • No negative reviews posted on this site (It takes bravery mixed with persistence and hard work to write a book) If I have constructive criticism I will email the author privately, hopefully it helps.


  • I only read stories with a romantic element to it, for instance erotic, contemporary, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy etc. Almost all genres except dark romance with disturbing themes and horror.


  • Minimal spoilers- I will tastefully reveal things about the book, only in instances to illustrate a point. Why should you want to read a book after I summarized it? It isn’t fair to the reader or the author.


  • At least one review every week- I will alternate every month on the day I will post.


  • Honest reviews- All reviews are my honest opinions, I am not compensated to give a favorable review. (I find false reviews very irritating. How is one supposed to find a good book when others spread lies for profit?)



Fun Facts

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